which you have always wanted answered

                                           By Don LaRose

                           Copyright (c) 2012 - All Rights Reserved

          The best way to give you an idea of the content of this book is to list the questions we have answered.  These are a few of the Bible questions I have been asked over the years.
  Question No.  1 - Which came first, the chicken or the egg; and where did Cain
                            get his wife?
  Question No.  2 - In the Old Testament didn't people figure their age based on
                            a luner year?
  Question No.  3 - Who is God?
  Question No.  4 - Why is the God of the Old Testament so angry; and the God
                            of the New Testament portrayed as a God of love?
  Question No.  5 - God said Adam and Eve would die in "the day" they ate of 
                            the fruit of the forbidden tree.  Why didn't they die?
  Question No.  6 - How could Jesus be eternal, yet have been "begotten" by
  Question No.  7 - Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?
  Question No.  8 - Can we trust the Bible?
  Question No.  9 - What is Heaven like; and how could a loving God send any-
                            one to Hell?
  Question No. 10 - What about abortion?
  Question No. 11 - What about Astrology and the Horoscope?
  Question No. 12 - Why are Christians homophobic?
  Question No. 13 - What is wrong with gay marriage and interracial marriage?
  Question No. 14 - Isn't the Trinity really three Gods?
  Question No. 15 - I hear he terms "born again" and "saved."  How can a 
                             person be born more than once, and what are we to be 
                             saved from?

          There are also a number of other subjects addressed.  Perhaps you could call them bonus features.  They include:
  * To love God is to keep His commandments (Old Testament)
  * To love God is to keep His commandments (New Testament)
  * God wants you to know...
  * Scriptures dealing with difficult situatons
  * Scriptures dealing with salvation
  * David's prayer after he sinned
  * Discovering God's will
  * Romans 3:21-28
  * The Bible tells us that our greatest need is not simply guidance in life; it's a
     relationship with God
  * Pray this prayer

                        15 BIBLE QUESTIONS
   which you have always wanted answered 

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