By Don LaRose

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          Following a trip to the Holy Land in 1996, my pastor asked me to put together an elective course on this subject, which my wife and I have taught numerous times over the years.  This manual brings together much of that material.  It is my hope that when you complete this study, you will have a new understanding of many of the difficult passages in the Bible.  Many of them are wrapped up in cultural interpretations.

          This 204 page book looks at the storyline of the Bible; introduces the reader to the land of the Bible; shows how tent and stone dwellings often effect our understanding of an incident; and how their diet and clothing have a great deal to do with our grasp of what the Bible is seeking to convey.  The book also includes such subjects as planting and harvesting crops, vineyards and orchards; trades and professions in the Bible; animals and property customs and ownership.  And that is just the beginning.  There are a total of 27 chapters.

          This book has been put together as a manual to assist the students in our classes.  It is complete with review questions at the end of each chapter; some major things to remember from each chapter; and personal application.  There are also drawings and pictures (which I took while in Israel and Jordan) to illustrate what is being taught.

          I believe the Bible is the inspired (meaning: "God breathed"), inerrant, infallible Word of the Living God.  I believe that the Bible is to be understood literally for what the words say, unless the Bible itself indicates a particular story or incident is to be taken symbolically.  I also believe that the Bible is to be understood as the people to whom it was written understood it; and therefore we need to know the culture and customs of those people to undrstand how the message was comprehended.

Ch. 1 - Introduction
Ch. 2 - The Storyline of the Bible
Ch. 3 - An Introduction to the Land
Ch. 4 - Tent Dwellers
Ch. 5 - One Room Houses
Ch. 6 - Houses with More than One Room
Ch. 7 - The Diet of Bible Lands and Times
Ch. 8 - Customs at Mealtime
Ch. 9 - Hospitality: A Sacred Duty
Ch. 10 - Daily Activities in Bible Times
Ch. 11 - Clothing in Bible Times
Ch. 12 - Parents in the Family
Ch. 13 - Children in the Bibletime Family
Ch. 14 - Children and their Education
Ch. 15 - Religion in the Family
Ch. 16 - Sickness and Disease in Bible Lands
Ch. 17 - Death in Bible Lands
Ch. 18 - The Shepherd's Life
Ch. 19 - Planting and Harvesting of Crops
Ch. 20 - The Building and Caring of Vineyards
Ch. 21 - Olive and Fig Tree Orchards
Ch. 22 - Trades and Professions in Bible Times
Ch. 23 - Music in Bible Times
Ch. 24 - Towns and Cities of Bible Times
Ch. 25 - Domesticated Animals of Bible Times
Ch. 26 - Customs Regarding Property
Ch. 27 - Born Again - Saved

          This is a study manual.  Each chapter is followed by review questions, things to remember, and a section on "What does this mean to my daily life?"

          I have attempted to keep the study simple so that even someone as average and ordinary as I will be able to easily understand what is being taught.

                             UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE
                                              BY UNDERSTANDING
                         CUSTOMS & CULTURE
                   OF BIBLE TIMES

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