An Autobiography by W. J. Perkins
1914 - 1987

"Perk," as he was known, was born with Von Recklinghausen Disease - now renamed: Neurofibromatosis.  Born in Lewistown, Montana, he spent several years of his boyhood life at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

despite his handicaps, he flew gliders and small planes, and also worked as an airplane mechanic.  In addition, he raced motorcycles and race cars (pictured in the book).

However, most of his working life was spent working at Folding Carrier Corporation in Oklahoma City, owned by Sil Goldman, who also owned a chain of grocery stores.  In his capacity at Folding Carrier he created and built the jigs to manufacture the first grocery shopping carts in America (pictures included).

When the Folding Carrier plant was totally destroyed by fire in 1950, he rebuilt all of the production equipment from memory, and working virtually 24 hours a day, had the plant back in operation within two weeks.

This is a story worth reading.

An Autobiography by W. J. Perkins

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