The Gospel According to Luke

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          Luke traveled with, and was a disciple of the Apostle Paul.  He was the author of The Gospel According to Luke in the New Testament.  He was also the author of The Acts of the Apostles, which outlines the fulfillment of the Jewish observance of Pentecost (Shavuot), the development of the early church and Paul's three missionary journeys.  He was also the scribe who wrote down most of Paul's epistles (letters) to the believers in various areas.

           Luke was a physician, and was very systematic in his writing.  He did a great deal of research, interviewing personally, Mary, and the individual disciples of Jesus.  Most Bible scholars believe Luke was the only non-Jew to write in the New Testament.  But that is not likely, because there are many Hebraisms, indicating that he spoke Hebrew.  He was believed to have been born in Syria, but it was likely into a Jewish home.  One of the early church fathers names Luke (Lucus, his Greek name), as being one of the 70 larger group of disciples of Jesus, and Luke writes more about that group than any of the other Gospel writers.

          We go verse-by-verse through this book, discovering that virtually everything Jesus said and taught came directly from the pages of the Old Testament.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Luke (Luke 1:1-4)
Chapter 2 - The Birth and Childhood of Jesus (Luke 1:5 - 2:52)
Chapter 3 - Messiah's Preparation for Ministry (Luke 3:1 - 4:13)
Chapter 4 - Messiah's Teaching and Healing Ministry (Luke 4:14 - 19:28)
Chapter 5 - Messiah Fulfills the Spring Feasts of the Lord (Luke 19:28 - 24:53)

          We even unravel some Hebrew idioms which are unintelligible in English. 
266 jam packed pages.

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