By Don LaRose

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          This book contains a series of thirteen essays which point out a few of the flaws and incosistencies in the Theory of Evolution, and some of the obvious strengths of the Theory of Creation.  The evolutionary theory has many gaps and problems which it cannot answer.  The creation theory basically says that the evidence used to support evolution, is really evidence that supports a world-wide catastrophic event known as Noah's Flood.  Let's give a short, thumb-nail sketch of each of the essays.

ESSAY  #1 - Dinosaurs - When Did They Really Live?
          Subtitled: "Are Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Bible?"

Don LaRose shows that there is plenty of evidence in geology, archeology, history, etc. to prove that dinosaurs and humans existed together on this earth.  Why then do evolutionists insist that dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years before humans appeared on the earth?  They have to to support their "faith system" - the Evolutionary Model.  And, yes, dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible.  One Hebrew word for "dinosaur" is used 22 times in the Old Testament, another is used 5 times and a third is used one time.

ESSAY  #2 - Have You Ever Thought About This?

In this essay, Don looks at ordinary things around us to show that they could not have been going on for millions of years just as they are today.  Eamples include the erosion of Niagra Falls; the delta at the mouth of the Mississippi River; the 900 cubic miles of dirt and rock missing from the Grand Canyon; the oceans saltiness; the population of the world, and the lack of human remains.  Also included is a look at DNA and statistics.

ESSAY  #3 - Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate?

Don reminds us that the Bible is not a science textbook.  However, when the   

Bible does mention subjects in the field of science, it is accurate.  Don takes examples from astronomy, oceanography, physics, medicine and biology.  Written hundreds and even thousands of years before the scientfic discoveies, the Bible gets every one of them right!  In one case the Bible is correct about a scientific discovery that astronomers did not prove until about 10 years ago.

ESSAY  #4 - Neanderthal Man Screams, "CREATION!"
          Subtitled: "The Great Neanderthal Hoax"

Don LaRose reviews the book Buried Alive by Dr. Jack Cuozzo, published by Master Books.  In 1979, the New Jersey orthodontist, Jack Cuozzo, was granted access to the world's most famous Neanderthal skeletons in England, Germany, France and Israel.  His interest in the mysterious remains began as mere curiosity about these ancient creatures.  His fndings, though, are sure to shock the scientific world.  Based on his x-rays and photographs, Cuozzo maintains that the key to understanding who the Neanderthals were lies in the pages of aged manuscripts readily available to anyone: the Bible.  Buried Alive (the name of his book) chronicles the deception pushed onto the public by atheistic scientists.  Cuozzo, discovered that skulls who had suffered death in their late teens still had they baby teeth; that puberty didn't begin till their late 20's or early 30's; and that some of the Neanderthals who died late in life, may have died at more than 300 years of age.  The information unearthed by one man's quest for the truth could alter the current perception of human origins.

ESSAY  #5 - Mount Saint Helens: Erupting Away Millions of Years

Don LaRose shows that the eruption of Mount Saint Helens on May 18th 1980 did, in four days, exactly what evolutionists say took millions and millions of years all over the earth.  Mount Saint Helens, in four days, laid down layer upon layer which quickly formed into rock, containing the fossilizing bodies of many plants and animals trapped by the rock, dirt, silt, grave, lava, etc. as it flowed out from the mountain.  Then, in one afternoon, a canyon one fortieth the size of the Grand Canyon was formed by a massive flood of water.  He also shows how logs and biomass at the bottom of Spirit Lake formed coal and fossils within weeks, and is identical to such deposits found around the world said to be millions upon millions of years old.

ESSAY  #6 - Millions of Years; or Noah's Flood?

Don LaRose uses the biblical record, ancient secular historians and the memorial of the flood left on the earth to show that what evolutionists explain by millions of years, actually happened in a little over one year in the flood recorded in the first book of the Bible, and in ancient secular history.  Don also points to a number of things which cannot be explained by millions of years as being the results of the violent catrophe which took place during the time of the flood.

ESSAY  #7 - "It Looks Like...But It Can't Be"

Don LaRose attempts to show what evolutionists do with evidence they find that supports creation rather than evolution.  He divides these attempts into six categories: (1) some of the evidence is simply ignored; (2) some of the evidence, they say, "Looks like...but it's not;" (3) some of the evidnce they try to explain away; (4) some of the evidence is discounted by attacking the presenter; (5) some of the evidence is quashed by censorship; and (6) some of the evidence they try to explain by supernatural processs.  Imagine, people who claim they don't believe in the supernatural, trying to use the supernatural to explain processes which they otherwise cannot explain.

ESSAY  #8 - Evolution: The Scientific Basis for Racism

Don points to quotes from evolutionists, court ruling, the basis behind slavery, Nazism, Communism and more that show how the Theory of Evolution supports racism.  That does not mean that every evolutionist is a racist.  Racists, however, find scientific support for their diabolical beliefs in the Theory of Evolution; and there is plenty of evidence in the Theory to support that conclusion.  Darwin, himself, intended to prove that the white race was superior to all others, by his Theory of Evolution.

ESSAY  #9 - The Motivation Behind the Theory of Evolution

In this essay Don quotes from evolutionists such as Sir Julian Huxley, Richard Lewontin, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins and others to show that their espousal of the Theory of Evolution has less to do with science and everything to do with their hatred for religion.

ESSAY #10 - Did Man Come from Apes ...OR... Did God Make Man?

Included in this essay are illustrations used in textbooks which cannot be supported by science, and even some which are blatently false.  You'll see how we get pictures of ancient man from just a few small bones.  We also note that the New Testamet tells us that if any plant or animal died before Adam and Eve sinned, then the Bible is false.  The New Testament tells us (1) that nothing died before man sinned, and (2) that nothing (plant or animal) aged before man sinned.

ESSAY #11 - More About Dinosaurs

This essay gives many more examples of the fact that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time.  There are real facts to support that proposition.  However, evolutionists have chosen to ignor and reject the proof that humans and dinosaurs co-existed on the earth.  They have to do that, of course, or else the entire evolutionary theory would fall apart.  The alternative (God) would be unacceptable.

ESSAY #12 - The Effects of Evolution on American Society and Culture

Don, in this essay, discusses the effects of the teaching of evolution on our society and culture.  He breaks this into two major areas: "The Devaluation of Human Life," and "The Devaluation and Segmenting of Religious Life."  Included in this discussion are such subjects as suicide, abortion euthanasia, crime, the relativity of truth and tolerance.  The Barna Report in the 1990's already reported that more than half of all evangelical pastors and 95% of evangelical young people did not have a biblical world-view.

ESSAY #13 - Giants on the Earth

You haven't heard of the thousands of giant human skulls and complete skeletons which have been unearth around the globe?  I wonder why that would be?  Could it be that these discoveries prove the Theory of Evolution to be wrong?  You don't think legitimate scientists would hide the evidence for the sake of the theory, do you?  Look at the facts: in Louisiana, 20 intact skeletons found, each over nine feet tall; in Nevada, a complete human skeleton over ten feet tall; in Indiana, eight complete human skeletons, each eight to nine feet tall, wearing copper armor; a twelve foot skeleton found in California, another in Arizona; south of Dallas, Texas, human footprints with a seven foot stride; in Mexico, human thigh bones as tall as a man; in Turkey, a 12 foot skeleton; in Egypt, eight complete skeletons, some as tall as 16-feet; in Wisconsin, hundreds of human skulls in a burial ground, many three time the size of human skulls today.  Giant skulls and complete skeletons have been found on every continent except Antartica.  Why do you think you have never heard of these discoveries?  Do you think it is possible that the Theory of Evolution is more important than the facts?

PLUS - 45 Individual Vignettes

These are quotes from creationists and avowed evolutionists alike that show that the Theory of Evolution does not cut muster.

Both creationists and evolutionists look at the same evidence.  However, their interpretations of the evidence is skewed by their preconceived worldview (their foundational assumptions).  Evolutionists view the evidence, then sift it through a screen which assumes that there is no God and therefore nothing supernatural could have occurred.  Creationists, on the other hand, believe that there is a God, and that He created everything, including mankind.  Looking at the same evidence, creationists see exactly what you would expect to see in the worldwide castrophe known as Noah's Flood.  It can even be demonstrated in the laboratory.  So, both systems are "faith systems."  The evolutionist must have faith that there is no God.  The creationist believes that there is indeed a God.

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