(Jesus was a Recognized Jewish Rabbi)

By Don LaRose

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                                        Copyright (c) 2018 - Revised and updated

          Studies in Matthew is 260 pages of verse-by-verse commentary that attempts to go back to the Jewish roots.  Matthew wrote his gospel to the Jews of his time.  He attempts to prove that Jesus is the Promised Messiah of the Old Testament using a variety of arguments:
     * His heritage
     * His birth
     * His call to ministry
     * His description of the Kingdom
     * His purpose
     * His miracles
     * His accomplishments
He does this by showing how Jesus fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the Lord to the day, the hour and the minute, and to the very smallest detail.

          The book contains 10 chapters which will give you some idea as to its contents:
     Chapter  1 - Jesus Did Not Have Blue Eyes
     Chapter  2 - The Son of David, the Son of Abraham
     Chapter  3 - Messiah's Preparation for Ministry
     Chapter  4 - Jesus Begins His Ministry
     Chapter  5 - Jesus Heals and Teaches
     Chapter  6 - The King Delegates His Power
     Chapter  7 - The Religious Leaders Reject the King
     Chapter  8 - The King Sets His Face Toward Calvary
     Chapter  9 - Jesus Fulfills the Spring Feasts of the Lord
     Chapter 10 - Born Again - Saved
          Section 1 - The Vicar of Christ
          Section 2 - Pre-trib, Mid-trib, or Post-tribulation Rapture?

          For a fresh look with a Hebraic emphasis, you will want to read and study this book.

                    STUDIES IN MATTHEW
                         (Jesus was a Recognized Jewish Rabbi)

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