Genesis (Beresheith)
"In the beginning God..."

223 pages, verse-by-verse

Ch 1 - Creation
Ch 2 - Sin Enters the World - The Fall of Man
Ch 3 - The History of Mankind from Adam to Noah
Ch 4 - Noah and the Great Flood
Ch 5 - Following the Seed - Noah to the Tower of Babel
Ch 6 - The Tower of Babel
Ch 7 - The Life of Abraham
Ch 8 - The Life of Isaac
Ch 9 - The Life of Jacob
Ch 10 - The Life of Joseph

In addition to the biblical record, we also show how secular history of the time, both agrees with Scripture, and, in some cases, expands our understanding of certain events.

We major on following "The Seed" (the promised Messiah) first mentioned in Genesis 3:16, through the very last chapter of Genesis, where God promised that "The Seed" would come through the line of the Tribe of Judah.

We also discover that God has, at no time, left the earth without a witness to Himself, and His holiness.  In all ages there has always been a witness as to the true God, and how to worship Him.

I thought I knew Genesis before I began this study; but I have found so much more, and I believe you will discover things you have never heard before!

Genesis (Beresheith)

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